Endoscopy, Swallowing/FEES

lingWAVES smartENDOSTROBO provides as an All-in-One solution:

Endoscopy – Swallowing/FEES


With the new module smartENDOSTROBO lingWAVES is one of the most complete systems for clinical acoustic and video speech and voice assessment. The system is based on the latest device generation, most modern technology and supports all video endoscopic / stroboscopic applications in the field of ENT / Otolaryngology.

World sensation: First USB controlled and powered strobo-light unit (thumb thick unit!). A system compact and portable thanks new smart hardware technology – complete unit fits to a notebook case!

The basic system consists of a strobo light unit (also used for endoscopy / FEES) and a high-quality camera with adapter, both connected via USB port.

Universal adapters make sure that you can use most of your available endoscopes with the camera and light unit. Or also ask for new endoscopes from WEVOSYS product list.

Clinical Workflow

The new lingWAVES smartENDOSTROBO software application is optimized for clinical workflow:

1. Record a endoscopic video (e.g. Nasopharyngeal Endoscopy), do an audio annotation while recording:

2. Edit-cut your video record, save relevant parts (touch optimized interface):

3. Report: Take several snapshots/pictures from the video and add written comments > print out the report:

4. Load another video from the same client and see a pre-post comparison:

At a Glance

lingWAVES Endoscopy

  • NEW: Full screen mode on second monitor/TV
  • noiseless stroboscopy and endoscopy
  • excellent image quality stored digitally
  • full hardware control with touch optimized lingWAVES application, no extensive setup on hardware
  • new smart LED light technology, perfect illumination, used for stroboscopy AND endoscopy, no heavy weight optical fiber and hardware, no thermal load for patient, very low electrical power consumption
  • white balance for natural videos at the push of a button, Anti-Moiré real-time filter for flexible endoscopy, uniform and clear design
  • modern and touch optimized module within up-to-date lingWAVES application for digital documentation, uniform and clear design
  • high quality video codec included, reduce file size 30x
  • noiseless, flicker-free recordings
  • audio annotations during recording
  • combination with acoustic analysis (e.g. lingWAVES Voice Clinic Suite Pro) possible, objective assessment, All-in-One solution
  • online update for strobo hardware and lingWAVES application
  • standard USB 2.0 connector, LED powered by computer, works also without any power supply for mobile use
  • lightweight DigiCam Camera for digitalization with on/off button
  • universal adapter for endoscopes
  • small and compact, fits in a notebook case

lingWAVES smartENDOSTROBO can be used together with lingWAVES Voice Clinic Suite Pro for combined acoustic and video assessment and is also available as upgrade for other suites.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
    ( Mac OS with Boot Camp and installed Windows OS 10)
  • Hardware: min. Core i5, min. 8 GB RAM (recommended 16 GB RAM, min.16 GB RAM for video modules[strobo/endo/FEES]), 500 GB hard disk space for data (smartENDOSTROBO 1TB – external USB 3.0 hard disk possible), loudspeaker, 1 – 2 x USB (smartENDOSTROBO powered USB recommended)


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